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  1. Share your love for animals, as they are our friends
  2. Participate in conservation movement
  3. Aware the children and others about the importance of our faunal wealth
  4. Adopt the captive animals for yourself or as a gift 
  5. Enlighten the children about the role of wildlife in the nature 
  6. Gather knowledge on the various animals by procuring brochures 
  7. Enjoy the natural beauty of the zoo
  8. Co-operate with the zoo employees for maintaining zoo environment calm and quiet
  9. Put the waste paper in the specific bin
  10. Watch the animal from a distance
  11. Purchase proper entry ticket
  12. Maintain queue while entering the zoo
  13. Enter the zoo through the entry gate only
  14. Follow the route map of different enclosures
  15. Keep your children along with you
  16. Contact with the Zoo managers, while notice any unusual happenings in the zoo campus
  17. Report the security personnel, if any unclaimed bag gages or any doubtful things is noticed
  18. Drop your suggestions / complains in the drop box
  1. Don’t make any noise in the zoo area, the animal will be afraid
  2. Don’t feed the animal; it may cause infection to the animal
  3. Don’t tease the animal, they will be irritated 
  4. Don’t try to touch the animal, they may harm you
  5. Don’t throw any foreign materials in the enclosures, it may hurt the animal
  6. Don’t move near the enclosure, they may attack you
  7. Don’t throw any waste materials here and there; it will spoil the zoo environment
  8. Don’t smoke in the zoo campus, it may cause pollution and affect the fellow visitors
  9. Don’t leave the kids alone, they may be lost or may face any accident
  10. Don’t waste the drinking water, as water is very precious for our survival
  11. Don’t make any misbehave with the fellow visitors; it will create the disturbance in the zoo
  12. Don’t touch any unclaimed baggage, any explosive may be there 
  13. Don’t make any tips to the zoo employee; it will invite dishonesty among the employee
  14. Don’t make any comment to any media person without permission of the authority, otherwise actual facts may not be focussed
  15. Don’t touch the barrier of the enclosure, accident may occur?
  16. Don’t write anything on the signage or on route map, the visitors will be confused
  17. Don’t write anything on the wall of the enclosure, it will create sight pollution