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Conservation Breeding Centre at Rajabhatkhaua, Dist. Alipurduar for Vulture
Rajabhatkhawa Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre where successful breeding of Oriental white-backed vulture and Long-billed vulture has occurred including the rarest species, a slender-billed vulture. There are plans in place to initiate artificial incubation of vulture eggs and rearing of vultures at Rajabhatkhawa facility in West Bengal.
VCBC has enclosures called aviaries of different types for breeding, nursing, looking after sick and injured vultures and colonies for vultures to live in.  Main objective of this centre is to ensuring survival and scaling up of conservation breeding initiative, to explore a sustainable livestock sourcing project for feeding captive vultures through a community-based livelihood initiative, to make viable expansion of vulture safe zones, to release captive-bred birds in safe zones, to strengthen sensitization and monitoring activities and to continue research for safer alternatives to the banned drugs