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Conservation Breeding Centre , Birch Hill (Darjeeling)  & Topkedara for Red Panda  and Snow Leopard
The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park (PNHZP), Darjeeling has been assigned as a co-ordinating zoo for the conservation breeding of this species to strengthen wildlife conservation in the Himalayan High altitude. The park is now having a population of 1 β™‚and 8 ♀ as on 31.03.2016. 
The first successful planned breeding of red panda occurred on 20.06.1994 when two cubs were born in the captivity. The zoo was able to restock four red pandas back to the wild as a conservation initiative following the IUCN guidelines for re-introduction. One released female red panda gave birth to a cab in a hollow of an oak tree in Gairibans of Singalila National Park, Darjeeling.
New breeding facility at Topkedara for the Red Panda was set up. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological   Park as on 31.3. 2016 had (17) Red Panda (7 β™‚ and 10 ♀).